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Life is a series of chapters that we move through as we grow in life.  Some of them are part of our personal plan.  Some are, unexpectedly, thrown at us whether we like it or not.  Whatever your reasons for change, we want to help you move through it with intention and purpose and with an end result that you feel good about.  


We want to be your resource for all your divorce questions, concerns and needs.

We will be hosting live events complete with basic information and experienced professionals to answer your most pressing questions, and will be available to set appointments for more personalized and private service.

Feel free to comment and ask questions in the forum as we are sure there will be other women out there with the same questions you might have.

If you would like to set an appointment to meet with one of our professionals, fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you within a few hours, or call us directly.

About women4Women

Women4Women is a site specifically for women going through, contemplating, or walking out of divorce. It is a place for starting over and placing the support around you to make that transition with strength and wisdom. It is designed to be a resource, support system and an educational platform that will empower women to make the right choices for themselves and their children.

It was started by three female experts in their specific fields that wanted a forum available to women to answer questions and provide support and knowledge where it is needed the most. We are building a network of women who can provide the information needed to get the answers to the toughest questions.

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Women Voting
About Women4Women
Divorce Stage Topics

pre / during /post
divorce Topics

Life never happens the way we plan it. So, what happens if it all falls apart over night? Who do you turn to for answers in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and need to know what steps to take next? Knowledge is power. Women4Women was created by women for women to help answer some of your most difficult questions and to give support when you need it the most. The professional women who contribute to this website on a regular basis are professionals in their field, specialize in divorce and want to specifically help women find their strength and power through knowledge and education.

Talk to these women now, as close to the beginning of the divorce process as you can. We have handpicked these experts for exactly these situations. With their help there is a path where you have trustworthy information that enables you to not just know all your options, but confidently choose the right one for you.

Where you are, there are others. Find your space and your people.



pre-divorce Resources

Contemplating divorce is it's own journey, with many questions.

Find trustworthy connections.

Support Group

Top divorce questions

2nd Saturday of Every Month


Divorce Mediation

Real Estate



Financial Planning

Life Coach

7 Divorce Experts in One Space

-Attorney vs. non-attorney options

-housing options & Pathways

-the right coverage at the right time

-counseling tools for your family

-divorce & career coaching

DAC Divorce Workshops


Consult our legal and non-legal team members

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Suburb Houses


Housing Choices?

What would it look like to sell? Where could I go?

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-When to move

-Colorado areas

-selling / moving details

Kim Langalaar

Realtor - CDRES

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New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, Growth

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Women Holding Hands

-strengthening your career

-finding new pathways

-expanding your presence

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Community Support & Wellness

Women Holding Hands

Community Support

Coaching, Groups, Q&As and More

Wood Bridge Walking
Mountain Peak

-community forum


-Q&A with experts

During Divorce

during-divorce Resources

The divorce process holds many details requiring specific timing for the different choices and 

Suburb Houses_edited.jpg
Suburb Houses


Housing Choices?

What would it look like to sell? Where could I go?