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Madeline Wilson

Family Law Attorney

After ending an abusive marriage, Madeline attended college and Law School as a young, single Mom to two small children. She finished 4 years of college in 2 years by attending two colleges full time. She has been an attorney 27+ years. Her much older brother was a Judge for 18 years (he's still a lawyer). Their father was a police officer who became a lawyer. She worked for her Dad and brother before she had children, always wanting to do what they did and help people. She often works with abused spouses/partners and has had a myriad of emergency hearings to protect children who were in danger. She loves my job and loves helping people get out of bad situations or situations that no longer serve them.

Madeline is someone you can count on for trusted and reliable help with your custody lawyer, divorce, legal separation, post decree and parenting time needs. She understands the huge impact issues like divorce and legal separation have – not just on the separating couple, but also on the children. She understands the manner in which she handles each case can have a long and lasting impact on the lives of families - which fuels a wholehearted commitment to deliver exceptional and personalized service.

While divorce, separation, allocation of parental responsibilities and other family law case have similarities, each of them also has components that make them completely different and unique. It is in knowing and understanding each individual case thoroughly that Madeline is able to provide her clients with the best tailored solutions to suit their needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach to solving each unique situation. Knowing that well, she takes the time to listen and understand your needs and wishes prior to taking action.

Madeline Wilson




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