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Colorado is an incredible backdrop for your next chapter. Choosing where you live, what house and area become your new home is both exciting and daunting in the sheer amount of choices that can be made. Where you live fosters your relationships, your proximity to the adventures you choose, and your sense of personal space. Take our below quiz to find your Colorado lifestyle match.

Tiffany Hughes-Athena Mortgage Group


Colorado Profile Quiz

Take our quiz to see what areas could end up being your perfect Colorado living space. 

Buying a home

Buying a home is an exciting process with lots of details. We've comprehensively broken down home buying to be as understandable as possible. 


It's always good to see how the market can impact your mortgage. Taking advantage of refinancing can decrease your monthly payments.

Loan Types

We've taken the time to streamline home loan information and variables so you can make the right decision for you.



Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is step one to home ownership. Luckily, you can answer 10 questions in 5 minutes and have those answers within 24 hours.

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Athena Mortgage Group

Tiffany Hughes- Athena Mortgage Group

Athena Mortgage Group is based on honesty, integrity and service to clients with all types of mortgage needs. We understand that no two loans are created equal and each and every loan is a person, a family, a story. We are so committed to our family of borrowers, that we will follow up once a year to make sure everything is still on track to meet your current needs.  We are not a bank and we do not work within a bankers underwriting box or hours. So, feel free to call us evenings and weekends with the most challenging questions and the team at Athena Mortgage Group will do their best to help with out of the box thinking, competitive rates and exceptional service.

Colorado Profile Quiz

CO Profile Quiz

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Getting pre-approved

This is the first step to securing your new home. After creating the account that securely houses your personal information, this form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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