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New Chapters Colorado - collectively Athena Mortgage Group, CO Mortgage Gal, and Women4Women - together have a Mission is to provide exceptional service through honesty, integrity and knowledge from years of experience. Our Vision is to change the way mortgage customers move through the loan sequence by simplifying the process and holding a whole person perspective from start to finish. 

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Tiffany Hughes

Tiffany Hughes is a Colorado Native with a B.S. from Colorado State University.  She fell into the mortgage industry by accident in 1996 and has worked in nearly every capacity since.  She opened her first Broker Office on September 11, 2000 and functioned for 8 years with two locations.  Since closing those offices in 2008, she has worked as a banker and broker on many different levels and realized that the best service comes from being a broker and having a lot of different options to offer her clients.  Every client and every loan is unique and does not always fit into a bankers box.

To better serve her clients, Tiffany acquired her “Certified Divorce Lending Professional” designation. 

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This expertise allows her to better serve divorcing clients with specialized knowledge that will, ultimately, save them money throughout the process and over time.  In an effort to help as many women through the divorce process as possible, she created Women4Women as a resource for women going through or contemplating divorce.

In 2007, Tiffany was elected to the Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers Board of Directors.  She served as the Treasurer until December 2010.  In that time, she earned the 2006 “Accepts the Challenge” Award, 2007 “Broker of the Year” Award and 2009 “President’s Award” for her dedication to the association and the industry.

Tiffany has 2 children Anna 21 and Joey 19 who she loves spending time with.  In her free time she enjoys, camping, downhill skiing, running and spending quality time with family and friends.  Her greatest personal accomplishment, outside raising two teenagers, was successfuly completing the 2015 Tough Mudder in Snowmass CO.

Tiffany Hughes and Athena Mortgage - Certified Veterans Loan Specialist

We Love Our Veterans.  Not only do we know VA Loans, we have been certified to have a clear understanding of how to work with military personnel. 


We understand the unique circumstances associated with military service, in regards to military pay, allowances, and other special compensation applicable to active duty and veterans. 


Additionally, we adhere to specific Standards of Practice, representing a commitment to provide the skilled level of service military borrowers deserve.









Tiffany Hughes and Athena Mortgage - Certified Divorce Lending Professional

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional brings the financial knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce and Family Law, IRS Tax Rules and mortgage financing strategies as they all relate to real estate and divorce.

Tiffany Hughes Testimonials - Image by seth schwiet


I've worked with Tiffany Hughes twice now and would do it again. Her knowledge and professionalism makes the process a breeze. She keeps you informed the whole way and is quick to respond to any concerns.


—  Mark Shaw

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