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Whether you live in Colorado now or are thinking about moving to Colorado, housing is a key component to living in the Centennial state.  Everything you need to know about getting a mortgage, purchase, refinance, construction or reverse mortgages is in our housing section.

Colorado holds beautiful areas to live and explore from corner to corner. Our CO Mortgage Gal has information on what living in rural, urban, suburban and mountain Colorado areas looks like and has handpicked amazing activities to go along with those spaces.


New Chapters is about guiding you through the new chapter of your life that you are about to embark on. You could be journeying divorce, considering changes with a new empty nest, building a family or simply relocating. Gain a better understanding of where you are and can be in Colorado in your chapter.

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Are you a woman going through or contemplating a major life change, such as divorce?  Get your most difficult questions answered by trustworthy, professional women who are here to support and educate your choices in what can be complicated seasons.

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New Chapters Colorado is about guiding you through the next chapter of your life that you are embarking on. We have corner to corner Colorado state information to inform your steps - whether you are wanting to relocate to Colorado or a different space in Colorado, moving through and settling down after divorce, or just thinking about downsizing your current home. If you are relocating to Colorado, head on over to our Explore Colorado area to find out about different regions of the state and some of CO Mortgage Gal’s favorite things to do here. If you're ready to take the first steps, fill out the Apply Online and get your pre-approval started. If you are in transition and/or contemplating divorce, check out Women4Women. We are a group of female professionals who are here to provide support, knowledge and education to women who are contemplating or going through the divorce process. There's a brilliant new chapter waiting for you and we're honored to be a part of the journey!

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Life consists of many chapters.  For each one there is a beginning and an end. What is your new chapter? Do you need to finish your old chapter before starting a new chapter? Are you wanting to relocate to Colorado and not sure where to start? Start with Explore CO, take the Colorado location Quiz and pick your location based on your lifestyle, then head on over to Housing to figure out which loan is right for you. If you are in the process of getting a divorce and need some help figuring it all out, Women4Women is here to get answers to some of your most difficult questions.

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Moving to Colorado was obviously a life changing event for our family and 3 young kids. I wish I had found New Chapter Colorado sooner but now that I have I've been able to connect with Tiffany who's given us amazing advice for refinancing our home and find activities for the kids that I can't believe we didn't know about!

Jen L.

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