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Ask Not, "Why wasn't I good enough?

Tara Eisenhard, Women4Women Partner and Divorce Coach

Ask not, “Why wasn’t I good enough?” Ask, “Was the relationship appropriate for both of us?"

If you didn't initiate the end of your marriage, you might find yourself questioning your worth. The shame creeps in and you wonder why your ex didn't want to stay. But, just as the relationship wasn't all about you, the breakup isn't either. Your ex is dealing with their own complex emotions, needs, past traumas, future goals, etc. And you aren't solely responsible for all of those things. People change. Relationships change. And sometimes relationships change form entirely. It hurts. But, it happens. And it's important to remember that, even if you were happy, your ex might have been suffering. For whatever reason, it just wasn't right anymore.

Tara Eisenhard

Divorce Coach

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