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Find Connection at Women4Women

Life is a series of chapters that we move through as we grow in life. Some of them are part of our personal plan. Some are not. We want to help you move through it with intention and purpose and with an end result that you feel good about.

Join our Women 4 Women community, a female collective supporting women journeying divorce. Get questions answered from professional voices speaking into:

  • Divorce & Housing

  • Divorce & Attorney vs. Non-Attorney Options

  • Divorce & Financial Decisions

  • Divorce & Career

  • Divorce and Insurance Coverage

  • Divorce & Emotional Health/Healing

  • Access to a Private Women4Women Forum

Q&A Boards to Ask Your Specific Questions

Women4Women was created from the heart and out of a pure desire to assist other women going through a similar situation. When I went through my own divorce in 2013, I felt so lost and confused through the entire process. I had no idea where to turn for resources, information, and support. Fortunately, I finally worked my way through it, but found myself with a bit of a mess to clean up and a long road ahead toward financial recovery. If I had known then what I know now, I would have made different decisions that would not have had such a long-term impact.

No matter what stage of divorce you are in, you can find support and answers on the new Women4Women website. If you don’t find immediate answers to your questions in our FAQ’s, downloads or video library, feel free to ask your question in the forum. We are here to support you in any way we can on your journey to your new beginning.

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