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Introducing Women4Women

Life never happens the way we plan it. So, what happens if it all falls apart over night? Who do you turn to for answers in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and need to know what steps to take next? Knowledge is power. Women4Women was created by women for women to help answer some of your most difficult questions and to give support when you need it the most. The professional women who contribute to this website on a regular basis are professionals in their field, specialize in divorce and want to specifically help women find their strength and power through knowledge and education.

Women4Women was created from the heart and out of a pure desire to assist other women going through a similar situation. When I went through my own divorce in 2013, I felt so lost and confused through the entire process. I had no idea where to turn for resources, information, and support. Fortunately, I finally worked my way through it, but found myself with a bit of a mess to clean up and a long road ahead toward financial recovery. If I had known then what I know now, I would have made different decisions that would not have had such a long-term impact.

In the next year, I found that many of my clients were women that were struggling to understand the process themselves and needed the same support and guidance I struggled with myself. So, in 2014, I got my Certified Divorce Lending Professional certification for mortgage lending and started aligning myself with other professional women that were as passionate about assisting other women going through divorce as I was.

In 2017, Women4Women was created with the hope of educating and supporting women who were contemplating divorce. However, the only thing that was offered was a workshop twice a month. We found it difficult to get our wealth of information out to the women that needed it the most.

Since then, Women4Women has expanded to have an online presence for access to valuable information 24/7. This is a free website created specifically for women contemplating, going through, or walking out of divorce. It is a place for starting over and placing the support around you to make that transition with strength and wisdom. Women4Women offers private access to loads of information including, videos, FAQs, downloadable resources, and a community forum to ask some of your most difficult questions. New content will be added regularly. So, login to keep checking back for more great information to add to your toolbox of knowledge or if you have a specific question, feel free to ask it in the forum.

The workshops are still available on the Second Saturday of every month through Divorce Advice Colorado. You can join online or in person and hear from professionals in every category of the divorce process. It’s an equipping, safe environment for women contemplating or going through divorce. Just click on the Pre-Divorce Resources section for more information and to reserve your spot at the next informative workshop. These workshops are open to the public, not just Women4Women members.

No matter what stage of divorce you are in, you can find support and answers on the new Women4Women website. If you don’t find immediate answers to your questions in our FAQ’s, downloads or video library, feel free to ask your question in the forum. We are here to support you in any way we can on your journey to your new beginning.

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