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The CO Mortgage Gal's Top 3 Mountain Areas to Consider When Relocating to Colorado

Have you ever dreamed of living in the mountains? Denver is such close proximity to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, that many residents have found it easy to live in the foothills and commute to Denver for work. Or own a second home in Summit County, Eagle, Vail or Grand County, all within a two-hour commute to get away for the weekend on a Friday afternoon.


It’s a very quiet area that is tucked away from the noise and hustle and bustle of Denver. From BeauJo’s serving up the best pizza in Colorado, to the Wildflower Cafe, a hearty American brunch spot, restaurants are not in short supply. There are nearly 70 trails within the Evergreen area for hiking, biking and trail running where different species of Wildlife are abundant. Evergreen Lake is open to paddleboarding, boating and fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter time. On inclement weather days, you can always head over to one of 2 recreation centers for your daily workout or pool time with the kids. Evergreen is the ideal location for individuals or families looking to live in the mountains, but still have easy access to downtown Denver or Denver Tech Center with just a 30 minute commute. One thing is for sure, you’ll never be short on beautiful mountain views and outdoor activities in this small mountain community. Climate: With winter lows down at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and summer highs around 80 degrees, the winters can be rough and lots of snowfall is to be expected. If lots of warm weather is your preference, Evergreen may not be ideal for you, but for those who love the sight of falling snow and winter activities like sledding and snowshoeing, it’s a paradise. Average Snowfall: 72 inches/yr


It is very much a ski town, but a wealthier ski town, as a lot of the houses are multi-million dollar properties and average home prices ring in at $774,500. During the winter, the mountains and hills are blanketed with snow, creating a scenery that looks like it’s straight out of a painting. While the skiing is absolutely a highlight, it isn’t the only thing to do; Quandary Peak, a Colorado “14’er” sits at 14,265 feet high and the views from the top are said to be more than worth the grueling trek up. Silverthorne is perfect for someone who can appreciate fantastic skiing when they see it, and good food to eat after the last chair. For avid hikers and snowshoers, there are plenty of trails along with the previously mentioned 14,000 foot Quandary Peak. Family friendly to those families who love to participate in winter sports. If you choose to live in Silverthorne for the winter sports, the EPIC Ski pass is a must. Climate: At 8730 ft, Silverthorne is high into the mountains and sees 158 inches of snow per year! The temperatures are quite extreme, averaging 6 degrees for the low in January and 75 degrees high in July. They see 247 average days of sunshine per year. Average Snowfall: 158 inches/yr

Estes Park

This quaint town is known for its shopping, resident elk population, the Stanley Hotel, and Rocky Mountain National Park. The Estes Park home market is still a lot more affordable than any of the Colorado Ski towns due to the fact that it does not have a commercial downhill ski area and it is somewhat isolated. If you are looking for a quiet mountain town surrounded by mountains, this is not it. There are neighborhoods outside the downtown area that offer a bit more solitude. However, It is a huge tourist attraction from April to the end of October filled with day and weekend tourists passing through from Rocky Mountain National Park and coming to stay for a weekend getaway in the mountains.

Climate: At 7523 ft in elevation, Estes Park sees a substantial amount of snowfall throughout the year at 82 inches. Expect January lows of 16 degrees and July highs of around 77 degrees. A more comfortable climate than the deep mountain regions with very high snowfall, but still no absence of heavy snow. Estes Park has 238 average days of sun.

Average Snowfall: 82 inches

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