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The CO Mortgage Gal's Top 3 Urban Areas to Consider When Relocating to Colorado

Downtown Denver is unique with its own Urban Adventures, from Kayaking on the Platte to riding the many trails through downtown and into the Cherry Creek Area.

From the Art District to the many different museums, there is something for everyone in Downtown Denver. Denver has everything from old to new single-family residences to high-rise condominiums and lofts.

What is your desired lifestyle in Denver? Is it the nightlife, the arts or just being in the hustle-bustle of a downtown atmosphere with easy access to the beautiful Colorado Rocky mountains? Find your perfect home within walking distance of everything you love about urban life.

Lower Downtown (LODO)

Located between Coors Field and Pepsi Center, it makes the ideal location for young professionals working in the downtown and surrounding areas to step out after work and always find something going on. Everything is within walking distance or if you choose not to walk, grab a scooter for easy transportation from a pre-game happy hour, to Coors Field or to after game dinner at any of the amazing downtown restaurants on Larimer Square.

Most of the homes in the LODO area are multi-family apartments, condominiums and lofts with a minimal amount of single family residences. So, probably, not the best option for raising a family. Real Estate with a yard is few and far between and very expensive. In addition, there is a large amount of homeless people and transients that hang out in this area with a higher rate of crime and theft.

Climate: At 5,280 ft, Denver sees an average of 78 inches of precipitation and an average temperature in the summer of 88-92 degrees and in the winter 40-45 degrees. However, with Colorado being true to its strange weather patterns, it is not unusual to have a 40 degree day in June and a 70 degree day in January. Denver has 245 average days of sunshine.

Average Snowfall: 60 inches/yr


Stapleton / Central Park is considered the largest residential neighborhood within Denver city limits. The local residents voted to change the name to Central Park in 2020. It consists of 12 sub-neighborhoods, 7 pools, several shopping centers and a Denver Public recreation center and library.

Central Park is a great neighborhood for families that want the convenience of living in urban Denver, but want the planned Unit development feel of a suburban neighborhood with a diverse style of homes from modern to traditional urban estates. It is a 10 min commute to Downtown, Union Station, Children’s Hospital, and the VA Hospital. People who work in these industries find Stapleton/Central Park neighborhood attractive due to its convenience, planned community feel and many parks and open space. This large neighborhood is served by the Central Park Commuter Rail and bus station with connections running in and around the neighborhood, into downtown Union station and out to Denver International Airport.

Average Snowfall: 39 inches/yr

Cherry Creek

Outside the shopping district are surrounding single family homes starting a $1,000,000. If you love to be able to walk to great restaurants, coffee shops and upscale shopping, this is the ideal place to live. In addition to great shopping, it has become home to more than 15 art galleries and the World Renowned Cherry Creek Arts Festival. For a little outdoor time, the Cherry Creek Trail runs 11.2 miles starting at confluence Park in downtown Denver, runs through this area and all the way to Cherry Creek Reservoir where you can spend the day paddle boarding, boating or fishing.

As with most urban neighborhoods, Cherry Creek is quite busy all the time. If you are looking for a more upscale, affluent neighborhood full of hustle and bustle, this is the ideal location for you. It is home to many young professionals and retirees. Don’t be misdirected by the school feeder. It is not in the Top Rated Cherry Creek School District, but rather, Denver Public Schools. Most of the resident children, in this area, attend one of the many private or Charter Schools.

Climate: As with most areas of the Denver Metro Area, the average high temperature in July is 87 degrees and the coldest month of January sees and average low of 19 degrees. Cherry Creek has 245 average days of sun.

Average Snowfall: 245 inches

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