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Kim Langelaar

Real Estate Agent

Kim earned a Bachelor of Science degree graduating with honors in Technical Management. She held a Security Exchange Series 7 license as a financial advisor in her prior career as a CDFA. Additionally, Kim holds a certification as a Real Estate Negation conferred by Real Estate Business Institute. Pricing Strategy Advisor certification earned through the National Association of Realtors. Expert trained mediator, she has spent hundreds of hours helping couples negotiate their divorce.

Kim knows how to communicate effectively in highly emotional situations. She keeps emotions at bay and staying focused on the task of selling for the most money in an efficient, and successful manner. Kim has a genuine passion for real estate and assisting her clients in finding solutions to complex problems.

Through her volunteer work with The Turelli Foundation, Kim volunteered her time within the court system in Colorado but not in the court system, helping families break the cycle of disagreement.

Kim Langelaar




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