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Leslie Garske

Divorce Mediator & Divorce Financial Analyst

Clarity. Integrity. Grace. Leslie has assisted dozens of couples untangle their assets with the least amount of conflict, contention and cost. As a mother of four and the first in her friend group to go through a divorce as a young mother, she understands the ups and downs that divorcing families navigate every day. Her financial background not only will shed light on what to do with the house but will also prepare you with a forward-looking budget so you can afford your new life. If you are close to retirement, she can assess what you need from a settlement scenario in order to live comfortably. Being a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Leslie is equipped to do the number crunching for you so you can make informed decisions.

Leslie Garske has built an abundant practice out of serving people, men and women, who are facing divorce. From education and awareness to long-range planning for secure financial futures, Leslie has led many clients through the anxiety and complexity of divorce. She has been married to her husband, Craig, since 1994, and has four children, Erin, Garrett, Jackson and Leah. She enjoys watching her flower garden bloom in the summer, taking a run, vacationing in Cabo, and planning fun events for her family and friends and drinking good wine...does boxed wine count?

Leslie Garske




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