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Tiffany Hughes and Athena Mortgage Group and Colorado Mortgage Gal

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I have lived and journeyed my way through all four corners of the state of Colorado, seeking adventure and finding hidden gems all along the way. Each urban, suburban, rural and mountain areas are unique in what they offer. I have spent years exploring the best places in Colorado to live and activities for every lifestyle to do when you're there. Some areas and activities are popular, some entirely unknown and off the beaten trail - but none of them are ones you want to miss if Colorado is calling you home.



Denver has been growing exponentially in the last 10 years in every direction. For the family that wants to move to a more family -centric location, the suburbs might be the ideal location. Depending on job location and cost of homes, you can find the pefect community that fits your growing family lifestyle or just a more laid back lifestyle. There are suburban communities with historical backgrounds and new communities that offer newer homes and planned communities.


Have you ever dreamed of living in the mountains? Denver is such close proximity to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, that many residents have found it easy to live in the foothills and commute to Denver for work. Or own a second home in Summit County, Eagle, Vail or Grand County, all within a two hour commute to get away for the weekend on a Friday afternoon.